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Some Ways To Maintain The Shine And Luster Of Your Silver Jewellery
Some Ways To Maintain The Shine And Luster Of Your Silver Jewellery
  1. Jewellery polishing cloth

Using a jewellery polishing cloth can help you achieve the best sterling silver jewelry when polishing and cleaning your precious silver or gold jewellery pieces. Paper towels and general cloth can cause scratches on the silver jewellery so it’s best to avoid using them.

  1. Professional cleaning solution

Use only professional or branded cleaning solutions and tarnish removers, or simply use a microfiber cloth and rub your pendants, earrings with the cloth gently and treat it with love as it can get damaged by excessive force, and you would not want your favorite jewellery pieces to get damaged right?

As we need professional care sometimes our jewellery needs it too. Get your sterling silver pieces to the trusted jeweller near you and pamper them just the way you need pamperings too.

  1. Maintain proper storage

Sterling silver jewellery like silver necklaces, silver rings and other silver items  love to be stored in a place that is cool, dark, and moisture free.

  • Apply your lotion and perfume first and let them dry then only wear your jewellery this can make a huge difference in silver’s shine and luster.
  • Store it in an air-tight bag or container. Place a jewellery cloth and then your silver jewellery pieces.

Addition tip* Use a silica gel bag inside the air-tight container as it is a great moisture controller

  1. Avoid wearing silver jewellery when
  • Before getting into a pool or spa take your silver jewellery pieces off and place them somewhere moisture-free. Chlorine in the pool water can tarnish silver jewellery pieces.
  • Doing household chores like cooking, washing dishes, laundry or when tasks where chemicals are used.


Proper care and maintenance are necessary for your fashion jewellery to last long. If you follow these basic guide care it will help keep your sterling silver earrings, necklace, pendants, chains, rings, etc in good condition for years to come.